Website for car inspection company

A client contacted me about building a quick website. He had found a theme from Themeforrest he liked and ”It has everything. I just need you to tweak it a little bit.”.

My experience of themes from theme depositories have not been exactly fantastic. I warned my client, but he insisted, and I decided to give it a whirl.

Sure enough. The theme had EVERYTHING. It also required several third party plugins, paid versions to achieve full functionality.

What should have been a simple two hour job, went on for two days. It was the worst page builder I had ever worked with, and the design was hard to tweak through the settings.

After the weekend, my client had changed his mind and was thinking about hiring a webdesign company in Russia to build his site, with a booking system and a contact form. ”They are great. They can put five guys working on it at the same time”.

That is when I told him the following: ”Look, if you give me free range on this, and allow me to use my own bare bones theme, I can have this site up and running, with the design you wanted, in just a few hours. If you want to use these guys, fine, but you will be throwing your money away. At least let me deliver a job and then decide.”

And lo and behold: In just an hour I had everything in place, including an excellent appointment plugin. The theme is a very simple theme, built on the Bones framework in conjunction with Bootstrap. It is however super easy to adjust for my needs and has support for multiple sidebars and the page builder Beaver Builder. I like that page building tool, because it injects inline styles and code into the page content itself. ”Now why is this a good thing” you ask. Well, even if the plugin is uninstalled or switched in the future, the design is still there on the pages. It beats having to deal with horrible shortcodes and being locked in to a plugin.






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